January 18, 2016

DECC Auditorium

Begins approximately 11:45 am



The rally features a variety of local speakers and performers to celebrate the life and legacy of Dr. King and to work to build the beloved community that he envisioned here in the Twin Ports.

More information coming soon on the rally program.

Come share in this celebration of work toward freedom and human rights.


Lissa Jones-Lofgren

Lissa Jones-Lofgren

Featured Speaker

Lissa Jones-Lofgren is a native of Minnesota, graduate of the Blake Schools and Minnesota State University, Mankato. With a degree in International business, Lissa’s career hasn’t followed that of someone with this kind of schooling.

Recruited by CIGNA Behavioral Health straight out of college, Lissa was first introduced to the field of organization development in the corporate sector. Put onto the new ‘Fast Track’ program, Lissa’s early mentors in business included the President of CIGNA’s local office and his executive team.

In 1999, Lissa was introduced to organization development in the nonprofit sector, and she was hooked! Building people and organization capacity to help nonprofits meet mission became her passion. Lissa’s first entrepreneurial venture was as Principal and Consultant for The Center for Organization Development, with Dr. Jim Storm. One half of the practice was in Minneapolis, MN and the other half in San Antonio, Texas.

In 2002, as a part of her work at COD, Lissa joined African American Family Services, Inc., a local nonprofit focused on using African American cultural assets to help people struggling to overcome substance use and mental health disorders. As Interim Executive Director, Lissa’s initial assignment was for 90 days. At the conclusion of this assignment, the AAFS Board of Directors asked her to stay on, and giving up her first private practice, Lissa became Executive Director in 2003.

Offered radio host opportunities for two years, Lissa initially shied away from radio. In 2008, after a call from General Manager Kelvin Quarles, Lissa became caught up in the magic of radio and today, eight years later; Lissa serves as host of a weekly public affairs radio program called ‘Urban Agenda’. Urban Agenda focuses on solutions to issues that confront the health and safety of African Americans. At last check, Urban Agenda is supported weekly by an average 200,000 loyal listeners worldwide, with listeners as far away as China and as close as two blocks away from the station.

On the radio, Lissa has interviewed guests that include author Walter Mosley (The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey), author Isabel Wilkerson (The Warmth of Other Suns) and Dr. Khalil Gibran Muhammad, Director of the Schomburg Center for Black Research In Culture, Jabari Asim (Editor, the NAACP Crisis Magazine) and Dr. Peniel Joseph (Stokely: A Life).

Lissa returned to private practice in 2012, after almost ten years at AAFS. In March 2014, Lissa was asked to join the Minnesota African American Museum and Cultural Center, as it’s first Executive Director. At present, Lissa continues to work with the founder and board to find our beloved museum a permanent home.

Lissa believes in education as a powerful tool to confront racism and as a result she concentrates her work at the intersection of organization development, ethnicity and culture. Detangling organizational puzzles is a secondary love of Lissa’s and she says that the work allows her to help to strengthen our community organizations so they can meet their missions to serve.

Lissa is also a wife, mother and grandmother who believes that ALL black lives matter.

2016 Recording

Thanks to Wisconsin Public Radio Superior for recording the rally and making it accessible.