January 20, 2014

DECC Auditorium

Begins approximately 11:45 am



The rally features a variety of local speakers and performers to celebrate the life and legacy of Dr. King and to work to build the beloved community that he envisioned here in the Twin Ports.

This year, the rally will also feature connections between the lives of Dr. King and Nelson Mandela.  Come share in this celebration of work toward freedom and human rights.  Featured speakers include:

  • Dr. Rogier Gregoire
  • Jireh Mabamba
    Jireh Mabamba is 19 years old and was born in the Democratic Republic of Congo. He grew up in South Africa, attended Durban High School, and now attends the University of Minnesota, Duluth where he is studying business. Last year, he attended Duluth East High School as a Rotary Exchange student. He currently is the president of the Rotaract Club at UMD and is a member of UMD Student Association.
  • Dr. Chang’aa Mweti